Of course, he hasn't said what that decision IS, exactly, but he has confessed all the same.

Listening to Hannity on my way home from work today, I heard Fred (on stage in Atlanta) at Hannity's "Freedom Tour" concert event, answering questions ranging from Iraq to Iran to the Flat tax, etc...leading up to the ever-looming question about his announcement.

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Via Rasmussen:
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) tied with former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson (R) in an Election 2008 match-up. Both candidates attract support from 45% of voters. Given a Clinton-Thompson match-up, 5% of voters say they’d pull the lever for some other candidate and 4% are not sure.

The survey also found Clinton holding a four-point advantage over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), 46% to 42%. In that match-up, 9% would prefer some other candidate and 3% are not sure. The survey was conducted June 27-28, 2007, just before the July 4th holiday festivities began to unfold.
A lot of the FredHeads may be surprised that Fred is only even with Hillary--but keep in mind that Fred is STILL an unannounced candidate and STILL has a relatively low name recognition as compared to the other candidates. Given these factors, Fred's even showing with Hillary is a big deal.
For an as yet undeclared candidate, Fred Thompson sure is getting a lot of love from the Republican Presidential of whom hasn't even declared his decision as to whether he will run. Better still, the Democrat talking points are flying wild - from the New York Times - all the way to the Dem wannabes themselves.

It's positively amusing the energy being expended on a man that hasn't even decided if he's even GOING to run for President. From taking shots at his personal life choices...what with that gorgeous bride of his and his stunning baby girls, to trying to drag his sons through the mud, to challenging his even being QUALIFIED to serve as our President, to wildly criticizing him solely for his "Southern-ness."

Amidst all the guffaws at his opponents' efforts to tear him down, even though they should be focusing on getting out their positive message for America, wooing potential voters, begging for campaign cash, or tearing down their KNOWN opponents as the means to distinguish themselves, you have to ask yourselves WHY such efforts are being made. I'll tell you why:


Nothing else can explain this phenomena. Fred continues to climb in the polls, has a very intense knowledge of the media, including the New Media...or Alternative Media if you prefer...he understands outreach, and he understands this country and her people and what is going wrong and what needs fixing...and everyone else seems befuddled by the mystery of the package that "IS" Fred. He's the real deal...everyone else is just trying to figure out how to LOOK the part.

Where to begin? Why the NYT of course, where Hillary and the kids get ALL their marching orders.
Posted at The Fred File:
This has been a good day for America.

For a while, it didn’t look like Washington was going to listen to us regarding real immigration reform. Thankfully, we’ve been spared a serious mistake, but I wonder if things would have turned out the way they did without the work done by the bloggers, talk radio and the American people. Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, RedState, Powerline, Pajamas Media and a lot of others have done a great job. Take that, Fairness Doctrine.

The Tennessee FredHeads have the video.

UPDATE : The City Paper gives a shout out to the FredHeads:
Lani Bruce, a 54-year-old Nashvillian holding a “Tennessee Fred Head” sign, said she believes in Thompson’s values, is “disgruntled” with President Bush, and “shudders at the thought of Hillary Clinton being our president.”

“I don’t want to just vote for somebody because I don’t want to vote for her,” Bruce said. “I want to vote for somebody that I am enthusiastically excited about, and Fred Thompson is that for me.”
Posted at The Daily Telegraph:
The Democratic party is so alarmed by the prospect of competing against Fred Thompson, a Republican who portrays himself as a successor to Ronald Reagan, that it is advising campaigners how to attack the former actor and Tennessee senator.

Mr Thompson is not expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination until next month, but Democratic strategists fear the combination of his conservatism, southern charm and populist style could make him a hard man to beat in 2008.
Posting at The Stump, Scott opines:
And so it starts, the fact that the Democrats are attacking a man who has not even declared is indicative of their fear. They know that Thompson will pummel both Clinton and Obama and a Thompson/ Rudy Giuliani ticket would be unbeatable. They also know that their inaction in the current Congress will not go without comment. They foresee the GOP picking off Independents who voted Democratic last November and maintaining the Executive Branch while regaining at least one house of the Legislative Branch, plus with several more Supreme Court justices set to retire, it would change the court for thirty years. That scares the devil out of them and they are showing just how much by going after Thompson before he has even entered the race.
An excellent profile posted at Redstate:
As someone who goes back to 1994 as a Fred supporter, I can honestly say that something has changed in the man. The competency is still there as is the substantial intelligence. The voice is constant, but the mind is more seasoned. Not as much by age as by consideration and a deliberation that runs deep. He is not just the competent reformer with integrity that ran in 1994. He is now a man wrapped up in seeking out the foundation on which to set the country on the right direction...
Latest Weekly Results:

Thompson 27%
Giuliani 23%
Romney - 12%
McCain - 11%

Via Rasmussen Reports.
Thanks to seejanemom for providing us the latest version of Fred's agenda (CLICK MORE):
I voted twice for Bush 43. I did so, in large part, because he was moderately isolationist and had the promise of sufficiently greater Conservative Leadership principle and methodology than his opponent(s). And, I did so BECAUSE of his opponent(s).

Enter, post-inauguration, a rapidly collapsing dot com industry, and a budding recession. He talked of tax cuts, spending constraint, and Government growth caps. He had me at “hello.”

September 11, 2001 forever changed the man George W. Bush, along with the rest of the country and the world. I support the man still, as my President and as my commander in Chief, because I am an American first, and a Patriot always. While I may continue to wander further away from him on nearly EVERY domestic policy initiative, and fully expect to have little left to say in a positive tone about him when he leaves office regarding these things, I respect him for what he has tried to do for this country, and what he has been forced to endure in doing so. But he is leaving soon, and there is much to be done – both for the country, and for the Conservative movement that has been dramatically stalled in the last half of this Administration’s stay on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Whomever the Republicans stand up against the Democrats in the 2008 Presidential elections, Conservatism will be staring at one of the greatest challenges to confront it in, perhaps, a generation. Wisdom, restraint, and forward thinking BEYOND the next election cycle should be our greater modus operandi.

In considering the "why" behind choosing a candidate, and giving my all to helping see him get elected, the very least I can do is make sure I know what he stands for and where he might lead the country going forward. While each candidate may have SOME of the qualities I would seek in a President, we each ultimately decide which devils we can accept and which go beyond that with which we can dance. While I have drifted from it on occasion, I DID promise to focus on the positives of MY choice rather than taking potshots at anyone ELSE’S guy and I return to that now.

Having committed to the Thompson campaign, I begin a series looking into his voting records, and comments regarding same, during the period in which he served as Tennessee's US Senator.